You have a WordPress theme with installed inside a plugin that allows you to show pictures of Instagram. You have probably set it as footer (at the bottom of the page) or as a widget at the side of the page. Every now and then the photos disappear and the error “Not Configured” comes out.

So how do you restore the photos that have disappeared from your site/blog?

One of the first things to do is to update the plugin.

This will eliminate the possibility that you have a plugin not updated. Alternatively, have you checked that you have also updated WordPress?

How to update the plugin

Whatever your plugin to update it you will have to follow this procedure

Access to WordPress. is located on

Go in the left column on plugin-> name of your Instagram plugin-> There should be an inscription update.

Did this come back to the dedicated screen of the plugin.

Where is he?

Its location changes depending on the plugin. Some can be found in the other left column under Settings.

Probably jumped the token, or the Instagram API that allows you to connect your photos on the site.

Here’s how to proceed to restore it with the Instagram plugin-WPZOOM (Instagram Widget)

Simply click on Re-Connect or click on “Here” and copy the code that appears on the new page.

Not working yet?

Do not despair, I had to copy and paste it 5 times before not receiving more errors.

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