The travel blogs that are born every day are more and more; The most common are those who talk about small-to-medium travel. The main error we will see later reside precisely in this, in not differentiate.

Of course it is easier to talk about experiences that affect us closely; A trip to London, what to do in Milan in a day and so on. The problem is that what everyone does is also what everyone is talking about. This means that to have a successful travel blog you must be able to talk about the niche and/or great trips.

1 Motivation: Wrong topics

If you reside in Lombardy it will perhaps be more productive to make a blog about Bergamo rather than a general blog about your travels. Also and especially because not being in all likelihood a business traveler you will not be able to make more than 2-3 trips a month. If this is your case it is clear that you will not be able to write more than 5-6 posts per month and these won’t take anywhere. If you start talking about what to do in Bergamo, the activities and the shops you will surely be more likely to succeed!

The unexplored villages and hidden Italy are still thematically by dissect. There are many tourist regions that might notice your blog and ask you to collaborate with the region to enhance the heritage of your region.

This was just an example. We now take a blog about the Maldives; What to do, what to see etc. It might seem like a small blog and on a specific subject, but if you really live in the Maldives there is no better theme!

Dispersing the energies to talk about more issues is not said to be wrong, but you have to clearly think what you are doing. So it takes an editorial plan that is not only “I write about the last trip to London” but rather “I am telling things that no one has yet told about London.”

2 motivation: Little incisive titles

I have often seen travel blog with these titles: Weekend in Rome, two days in Turin, shots in Milan. How much more wrong for the SEO. Without going into the complicated speech of what we like and do not like Google, it is clear that if a user writes two days in Turin the competition on travel articles will be higher than “where to shop in Turin”. This is not to say that you can not be indexed in the first pages of Google if you titled your article “two days in Turin”, indeed. But you will have to have a well structured article to bypass the ranking and beat the competition.

3 Motivation: Competition

Unfortunately here we play the whole problem; Of people who talk about their trip to London or the weekend in Milan there are so many. You will have to find issues that no one has yet talked about. For example: in Tuscany with children. I am sure that there is already a travel blog dedicated to travel with children in Tuscany, but it was to make the idea of the particularity of the theme.

Be creative!

What are you looking for when you are on Google and need to find inspiration to travel? What do people look for?

Here are the questions to ask in this area to emerge.

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