Launched in 2013, Telegram remains one of the most widely known and popular cloud-based multi-platform messaging services available. Among the most important features of the platform is the support of chatbot, available in one-person or group chat rooms. Telegram was among the first messaging platforms to make mainstream the chatbot. Today the platform continues to offer features that make telegram robots unique. This telegram computer tutorial explains everything you need to know about Chatbot on the platform: Their features, how they work, how to create telegram robots and more.

Example of cases of use of the telegram Bot

Telegram robots improve chat conversations. Often fulfill a specific task that users can invoke while conversing with the bot or between them. There’s really no end to the things that telegram robots can do:

  • Draw data from external services like Google Maps, Wikipedia and more (like Otouto)
  • Provide engaging multimedia experiences from YouTube or Spotify (SPOTY Bot)
  • Discover content relevant to users ‘ interests
  • Invoice and accept Payments
  • Providing general work tools (online Bot tools)
  • … and more!

To get a glimpse of the wide range of commands and use cases of Telegram bot, take a look at some of our favorite robots on the platform.

What makes the commands of the telegram Bot unique?

At first glance, it might not be obvious to see what the telegram robots that chatbot on other platforms are offering. The main difference in Telegram bots is how users interact with them. For example, the platform allows the development teams of Telegram robots to create unique keyboards for any message. This is similar to the responses to the buttons available on other platforms, but allows a little more freedom. To use an example of a telegram bot, CalcuBot replaces the keyboard with a calculator interface (buttons for numbers and operations) to simplify the user experience.

Another unique feature of the Telegram bot commands is the ability to perform online queries. This allows users to retrieve information from a chatbot without having to open a conversation or invite it to a group. Simply type the user name of the online bot followed immediately by a query. You can find more information about developing the online telegram bots here.

Even telegram chatbot allow invoicing and easy payments. This is another feature that is not entirely unique. For example, Facebook Messenger supports PayPal payments. But Telegram offers a little more flexibility and a more intense presentation. The development of Telegram Bot allows you to make sophisticated invoices in chat that contain a photo of the product, a description of the product and an offer to pay. From there, users can enter shipping information to complete the purchase. Supported payment systems include credit card, Apple pay and Android pay.

How do the telegram tools work?

Unlike a regular telegram account, chatbot do not require a connected phone number. This makes them easy to configure and allows a botmaker to create more chatbot for the platform. Users interact with Chatbot on the telegram by chatting with them, inviting them to group chats, or by using online queries from any chat or channel.

The way the answers are given is simple. First, the user writes a query, which is sent to the bot’s software servers. Along the way, telegram transparently encrypts messages sent across the platform. Once the query is received, the bot returns a response through the Telegram bot API, which allows you to connect with users.

Tutorial on Quick Telegram Bot: How to create telegrams robots

The development of Telegram bot is easy to get started. In fact, in a brilliant example of what chatbot can do, Telegram offers a bot that helps users to start the development of telegram bots. Speaking with the BotFather, Botmaker can easily create a new bot account and generate an API token.

Of course, this is just the beginning with the development of the telegram bots. Once you have set up an account, you will need to set up a server to feed your bot. It is recommended that you use Webhook to send faster telegram bot commands. Programming and training your robot must not be a difficult task; The platform offers a significant library of sample code from telegram-created bot from the community that you can freely use to create telegram robots from scratch.

If the development of the bot of telegram seems too complicated for you, do not despair!

You can create telegram robots easily and without programming knowledge with a handful of botmaking tools and platforms.

Manybot, for example, allows you to quickly create telegram robots and in a simple step-by-step process and tutorials for telegram bots.

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