Instagram is the winning Facebook card when it competes with Snapchat.

Instagram continues to add new bells and decorations to their service. And while this constant influx of new features can be confusing, they also offer great opportunities for marketing professionals.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss the latest techniques for getting more followers on Instagram.

But before we get into the how, we discover a bit of Instagram users.

Who uses Instagram?

It’s important to know your Instagram channel’s demographic data before you start marketing there.

For example, you can’t go to the Reddit community and start selling things; You block and infangheranno your reputation of being too sales-Y.

You have to do it slowly and with a lot of effort.

Similar to that, figuring out your Instagram audience will give you an idea of how to effectively market your product/service on the platform.

So who are Instagram users?

  • 32% of Internet users in the world use Instagram.
  • Adults aged between 18 and 29 are the majority of users at 59%.
  • Female users (38%) are more likely to use Instagram than men (26%).

Based on the data above, it is clear who is the highest demographic.

They are mainly young women and of cities.

Steps to increase Instagram followers 

We looked at the top 10 posts on the Internet on how to get Instagram followers and we distilled all the advice in a single post. Make sure you follow the steps one by one because it’s easy to go wrong with Instagram marketing If you initially take the wrong steps.

1. Identify your audience.

To go through this process of understanding the public is fundamental.

Answer the following questions and annotate them in a document:

  1. What is the age range of your audience?
  2. What is the kind of reference (predominantly male or female) or is it generic enough to target both?
  3. How is their lifestyle and what are the products they buy?
  4. Who are 8 to 10 brands interacting with an audience similar to yours?
  5. Is your audience focused on a particular place?

When you identify the following questions, you can easily understand what kind of content to create, how often to create, and what kind of language you should have in your posts.

2. Identify your hashtags.

The hashtags could be annoying and not so useful on other platforms, but on Instagram is the heart of the platform.

There are good hashtags and bad hashtags.

The bad hashtags are the ones that people use just to get a quick sequel. “Like4like” is an example of a bad hashtag that people use when they want to get and give “likes”. This attracts the wrong followers, and it makes sense to stay away from them.

The good hashtags identify the qualities of your business and your product and also refer to your audience.

Hashtag Tip:

Some companies are meticulous with their hashtags. You can create a hashtag group for the following:

  • A hashtag for your brand as a whole. This may be the name of your brand combined with the products you sell.
  • A hashtag for your post.  You can explain your post with the hashtags. If you are a clothing brand and your post has a T-shirt with a penguin, some examples of hashtags can be #shirtsformen or #penguinshirts.
  • A hashtag for your position. If your business is specific to a city, you can add it too. It helps to filter your audience.
  • Your personal tagline. You can create the tagline of your company’s hashtag. Make sure you also use it on other channels and in your email communication. When this hashtag gains importance, your brand gets maximum visibility. EX: Coca-Cola’s is “Open Happiness”.

Also, ride the wave of hashtag trends like:

  • #TBT (Throw Back Thursdays)-This is where you share a picture of your past.
  • #MondayMotivation-here people post quotes and motivational messages every Monday.

3. Record quality content regularly.

visual style

You have to be online with the quality of your posts very high to get a chance to get a high quality following.

On Instagram, the standards of the posts must be very high. Many good brand pages have their own visual style or use similar filters in each of their posts.

The visual narrative has to be to the point. Take a look at BACHELR to see how attractive the product shots make. You want to buy everything in the store, right?

This is a visually appealing post.

If you can’t afford a photo shoot, be sure to use at least the stock photos. You can get free stock photos on Unsplash. But don’t abuse it. The industry will notice it and smell low budget.

Before you start publishing, you need to create a post repository, at least 15-20 of them. This allows you to publish content even during the weekends and holidays.

There is a search that has shown that certain Instagram filters lead to more engagement and like. Figuring out which ones work best.

Always be aesthetically pleasing. This is a minimal basic requirement on Instagram.


There is something in the captions that captures the reader’s gaze.

Think about it: What makes a meme really fun?

It’s not just the image, it’s also the text.

It’s the same on Instagram. You have an interesting caption for your images. Think of the caption as important as the visual element.

Take a look at the image below; It’s just a normal picture, but it gets really funny because of the text.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your audience, you will know how important it is to creatively create each post.

People come on Instagram to have fun and have fun. They want to watch interesting things, look at interesting products and tag their friends. Leave it to them!

Post Timing and frequency 

This is related to how often you publish your posts.

Most of the millenniums access Instagram every day. They do it from 6 to 7 times a day and spend about 15 minutes each visit. Experienced users end up consuming all the content of their feeds until they run out of content. So there is a lot of content that a user goes through every day (but on which he lingers little).

If you’re not constantly on their feeds, you’ll be forgotten, not only by them but by Instagram itself that’ll penalize you.

“Far from the eyes, far from the mind.” It’s that simple.

Make sure you have at least 2 or 3 post planned for each day and mix them. Also, be a bit flexible and publish things you’re thinking or you’re experiencing.

People love the impromptu posts.

4. Cross-promotion with companies that have similar audiences.

Collaboration is one of the key ingredients on Instagram.

For each top brand, there are hundreds of smaller brands that try to attract people’s attention.

Since everyone is trying to move on, it only makes sense to grow together.

Identify some of the smaller brands that meet your audience and reach them. Publish a collaboration or a cross-listing.

You will promote their activity to your followers and they will promote yours.

This is a good way to exchange similar audience sets.

5. Free products for promotion. 

One of the ways that manufacturing companies get traction is through free gadgets.

Suppose you have a sports apparel company and compete with another hundred companies in a similar niche.

First, you should identify some mid-level influencers. Not the higher level ones, but the secondary level ones that are easily accessible and open to quick collaborations. Give them your free equipment and have them talk about you.

If there are 10 influencers with about 100,000 followers each, your potential coverage is close to 1 million people. How else do you reach 1 million people without paying a bomb?

6. Manage a contest on Instagram.

Competitions! People love competitions that are easy and fun to do and also gives them the opportunity to get some free extras.

Contests that people don’t have to move to do is even better. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when creating a contest:

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when creating a contest:

  1. Have a start and end date defined for the contest.
  2. Make it very easy to participate in the competition.
  3. Ask people to do something simple and preferably something that makes them look good.
  4. Keep the value proposition clear. What do people get?
  5. Imbibe virality in the contest by making people comment to participate in the contest.

7. Make your content fresh.

You can’t be obvious or do the same thing that everyone else is doing on Instagram.

I’ve seen this on many profiles, focus on not straying too far from their brand, and become rigid and predictable with their content.

Do not become predictable. If you’re predictable, you become boring.

The point of your account should be to offer different content to your audience each time.

Some content styles are more than others. For example, text messages and screenshots of Facebook usually end up a bit of trend.

For example, text messages and screenshots of Facebook usually end up a bit of trend. They are usually fake but they make people laugh and they engage very well.

Other things that are good:

  • Quotes with a twist

Quotes are popular for a long time, but make sure you don’t add obvious quotes like “Never Ever Give Up” Unless you can make it look different (maybe with a funny picture). Also, add new or outrageous quotes. These attract people’s attention.

  • User-generated content

People like to be covered by brands. You can show photos of people who use your products or take pictures of your plant or do anything with your product. Contests also include user-generated content. Make sure you have a dedicated hashtag for user-generated content.

Outsource your content to your audience.
  • Text Screenshot

Have fun with conversations in the form of text screenshots. Text screenshots are images of a textual conversation between two people. It could be between a parent and a child or even a conversation between a dog and an owner. You can make these conversations very entertaining.

  • Behind the scenes of your business

An internal scoop of your company humanizes the brand and also gives you privileged access to your audience that helps them connect better with your company. If you notice, the actors of Buzzfeed’s videos have become full-fledged celebrities because they are constantly being staged.

  • Video Post

The video marketing is great, it’s getting bigger and it will be the biggest form of content consumption in the near future. The videos have a better involvement and say more in less time.

  • Beautiful photos of the product

You’ll need to create that feeling of aspiration among your audience. They should want your product and you can make it feel that way by making your products beautiful.

An example of a product shot by Vans. An image of your product in its natural environment adds more value to the user.
  • Offers and discounts

People go crazy for discounts, and if they come from their favorite brand, they are basically made and spolpati. Make sure you promote your posts on discounts and have a strong call to action by asking people to buy.
A checklist of what needs to be in a good post:

  1. A high quality image with beautiful filters.
  2. An invitation to action that involves people and encourages them to take whatever action you want.
  3. A post that is not pixelated and is in line with the conditions of the image of Instagram.
  4. A post that will arouse a reaction from your audience.
  5. A relevant post for your audience.

8. Create a Instagram team. 

It’s not easy to manage Instagram. You have to jump on popular hashtags and ride that wave all the time. You have to find post ideas every day and if you don’t have a stream of videos or memes that come directly into your inbox like 9GAG, then it can be hard to find new content.

This is why you need a team, or even if you don’t have a team, a dedicated time reserved only for Instagram services.

  1. Be sure to create a meme and video repository. Try this content for relevance.
  2. From this repository, be sure to create from 10 to 15 posts in advance. Create a content calendar. Know what it will send in two weeks. This is about to alleviate your worries.
  3. Always be unbalanced towards the trendy hashtags you can skip, which will bring you a lot of traffic. Have you seen the Buzzfeed articles of people’s tweets on a recent incident? You can be on one of those lists if you create posts that talk about an incident while it’s trending.

9. Monitor your Instagram analysis.

Instagram is a serious business and you can always benefit from a tool like Iconosquare.

Iconosquare is a Instagram analysis tool that gives you detailed information about your Instagram performance.

is an all-in-one tool that helps:

  • Organize your media on Instagram.
  • Manage your comments and tracking messages.
  • New post planning.
  • Find an influencer in your niche.
  • Find which hashtag and filter produces the best involvement.
  • Identification of the position of your followers.
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