Social media tools are now ubiquitous. There are many online applications that help create content, publish content and create automation systems. But many software developers have continued to build applications for Mac OS.

But why?

Why should you use desktop apps instead of Web apps?

Why would a developer create a desktop application when accessing the original Web app is just a click from the browser?

One reason is the control and organization of the dedicated features.

The original applications like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have to focus on the user interface and UX of things as well as having all the functionality you need.

A desktop application on the other hand just needs to be functional.  They offer the user a larger image allowing them to easily access content and perform actions with a few simple clicks.

I would say that desktop apps are for the main users.

So without further ado, we enter the best social media tools for Mac OS.

Note: In our application analysis, we use the following metrics:

  • Last update: Only updated applications are displayed here.
  • Price points
  • Free/low cost alternatives

The best desktop tools for social media for MAC OS:

You may not be aware of it, but Mac OS has built-in features that can bring social media directly to your operating system. All you have to do is go to:

  • Apple Menu > System Preferences > Internet accounts

A pop-up pops up with all the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

You can set these accounts individually so that they are integrated into your operating system.

For example:

  • When LinkedIn is integrated, all your LinkedIn contacts are synchronized with your MAC contacts.  You can share content and see your LinkedIn feeds directly from Safari. You can also share any post, website, or video from your LinkedIn account with two clicks.
A list of social accounts that you can connect to your MAC OS
  • Price: Free

Buffer for Mac

If you’re familiar with social media, you’ve probably heard about buffers.

For those of you who are not aware, Buffer is a tool used for automating social media where you can schedule your messages to come out at specific times.

  • Why is planning important? 

In addition to saving you time, planning also helps to get your content out at the right time so you can reach the maximum number of people.

Buffer for Mac is a simpler version of the online tool. When you log in through the registered Buffer account, all of your accounts are displayed.

accessing/recording and accessing the buffer via the menu bar
  • Price: Free

Download the buffer here


Here’s another fantastic tool from Instagram.

With Instamaster you can:

  • Browse Photos
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Search
  • Label

You can also save and upload photos (even if the upload has some limitations).

  • Price: Free

Download Instamaster for Instagram here


Tweetbot is one of the most popular tools for Twitter.

We can say with confidence that this makes Twitter 10 times better.

Tweetbot makes Twitter much more fluid making it perfect for social media that monitor and tweet constantly.

The interface is column-based to allow you to view multiple informazionicontemporaneamente. Users can see their history, direct conversations of messages and even a list of mentions side by side.

This gives a bird’s eye view of your business on Twitter.

If you are tired of the constant flow of content and want to see only specific posts, you can use the “mute” feature where you can temporarily “mute” people, hashtags and tweets.

You can also hide the tweets forever (or for a short period of time).

The all-inclusive Tweetbot interface for easy navigation
  • Price: $10

Download Tweetbot for Twitter here


Reddit is a great platform for promotion.

If done carefully, Reddit can make your viral content in a short time. If you are an experienced incomer who is trying to make their content viral, Milkeddit will be of immense value.

Milkeddit is an reddit tool for the faithful of Reddit.

With simple scrolling actions you can:

  • Crosses without interruptions all your subreddit
  • Subscribe to a subreddit
  • Mark your favorite content

You can also answer, comment and upload images without any third party software.

There is also an option to change the theme of your software.

Milkeddit Reddit Interface
  • Price: $2

Download Milkeddit for Reddit here


Uforio is another MAC Reddit app that organizes your content into:

  • Link
  • Images
  • Video
  • Gif
  • Short text
  • Long text

There is a favorites bar where all of your favorite content can be saved for future consumption.

The content that is NSFW or already read can be hidden to avoid repetition (or awkward moments).

It has a minimalist interface which makes it a breeze.

  • Price: Free

Download Uforio for Reddit here

Pin Pro

Pin Pro is a tool for Pinterest that will bring your dependence on Pinterest to a whole new level.

You can access Pinterest directly from the menubar.

There is a “stealth mode” feature that lets you control the opacity of your Pinterest window that makes it so transparent that only you can see it. I’m not sure that feature is really to die for, but it’s there…

Images can be uploaded through this application and you can also add your favorite content.

For Pinterest users, this is a great software to keep your page under control.

Desktop Pin Pro Interface
  • Price: $2 

Download Pin Pro for Pinterest here

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