People love MailChimp for its ease of use and for its beautiful templates. The problem is that it is often complicated to try to use your own custom models if they are not specifically optimized for MailChimp. Instead, you end up sacrificing the intuitive interface or the jaw-dropping user experience, none of which is acceptable.

Fortunately, we have once again updated our list of the best email newsletter templates from MailChimp that provide simple and drag-and-drop functionality without sacrificing style.

Here is the complete list, updated with the latest and best examples, plus some helpful quick tips at the end to highlight how to use them.

The Pantone color of the year 2018 is “Ultra Violet” (or Pantone 18-3838), so how about we kick off something to celebrate it? The demo of FireMail is seriously purple, although the online builder allows you to change part of the color scheme. Drag and drop components to the content of your heart, then export to HTML, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or Freshmail.

FireMail-Reactive Email
FireMail-Reactive Email

Announces What you might expect: announces your presence. It’s perfect as a way to introduce yourself, market a product or service or send a CV of some kind. The online generator (as with all these demos) makes it easy to build the exact email and you can change the colors and style to fit your brand too.

 Web templates Email templates of all items
AD-4x Reactive notification Email

MaestoMail is a specialist in the world of email design and marketing and many of their email templates are featured in the most sold list on ThemeForest. Exon is one of these examples; An elegant reactive email template and purchase gives you free access to MaestoMail’s online Model Editor: Majesty Mail Builder.

Exon-Reactive EMAIL newsletter template

Kant is described as an elegant, professional and targeted email model, directed at startups, and you will not fail to notice that it boasts over 50 sections of templates to match. Its manufacturers, ThemeMountain, offer premium support with each of their products on ThemeForest. Check out this screenshot of Kant’s ECommerce variant:

Kant-reactive Email for startups

Carol is a multi-purpose email template and comes with over 100 sections to build on. Like many models offered through ThemeForest, Carol can be edited and created using Stampready.

Carol-Reactive Email

Let’s continue with something festive, right? “E-Newsletter of Christmas Offerings” is an atmospheric email model, full of seasonal goodwill. It is ideal for any e-commerce company, as a way to promote those year-end opportunities.

Christmas offers the E-newsletter is provided with access to an online generator and multiple models in various formats including static HTML, Mailchimp (of course) and Campaign Monitor.

E-Newsletter of Christmas offers

Magma is a clean, modern template set containing 35 modules for drag-and-drop. The flat design makes a very simple and elegant email with lots of white space (for those who love minimal design). Some of the newer modules include “Specifications,” “Reviews,” “Blogs,” and “partners.”

Magma-Email model + EmailBuilder

The very essence of the “multipurpose”, Liana is packaged with a ton of components, ready for you to build your e-commerce, marketing or e-commerce campaign.

Tested with email on Acid, preset for MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and StampReady alike, and completely responsive, there’s enough to make you stay busy here for a long time.

Liana-200 + modules-Email reactive with Mailchimp Editor and StampReady Builder

Multimail is one of the best-selling email template sets in the past year for a reason: It comes standard with over ten multi-purpose email templates for a variety of uses. It is compatible with MailChimp and numerous other popular email marketing providers.

But if that wasn’t enough, it also contains over 179 modules to literally offer thousands of different possibilities, definitely to help you stand out from the crowd.

Multimail-Set of reactive emails + MailBuild online

Kent has over 50 drag-and-drop modules, with a flat and contemporary design perfect for agencies, eCommerce and other technology enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a model to personalize, Kent is perfect. It comes with standard HTML-built templates (without pre-formatting tags for MailChimp), so you can make changes easily before sending.

Kent-reactive Email + StampReady Builder

Email contains over ten models, consisting of over 60 different modules. In addition to some of the most common email patterns you’re used to seeing, email contains perfect models for weddings, restaurants, new product launches and real estate.

Emailing also works with the latest version of Outlook (2016), which can be notoriously problematic for many pre-compiled email newsletter templates.

Email-Multi-purpose Reactive Email template

Moka is a traditional email model based on business that contains sections to describe your services at a glance, highlight team members and even bring out specific products.

Mocha also offers unlimited colors and variations to perfectly fit the brand identity of your company.

Moka-Email model and Creative Newsletter

SUPRA contains twenty different email templates to choose from and customize, making it one of the best options for people looking for predefined templates to use.

In addition to the “standard” models and product-focused models, SUPRA also contains models ready for non-profit organizations, crowdfunding, curricula and order receipts.

Supra-Package of 20 templates + template Builder online

The images for Incorp say it all: clean, crisp and very corporate. If you are looking for something to communicate professionalism and an absurd attitude, this is the model to serve your email campaign.

Initially released in November 2016, Incorp also offers new sections and templates with each update.

Incorp-newsletter templates for corporate email

Deso is another model focused on business, created by the same people who created Moka (number 5 above).

The easy-to-use online editor allows you to drag in-and-out modules based on your preferred layout. and ready-to-use designs allow you to change the bases (such as color and content) without worrying about ruining the rest of the beautiful email design.

Deso-Email and newsletter template

Atellar is a contemporary business model compatible with StampReady Builder for painless editing.

Perfect for agencies and other technology companies, Atellar presents design of exclusive modules, including a graphic bar and price tables of products.

Atellar-Email Newsletter + StampReady Builder

Very chic dahling; If you are looking to sell your products and services with a mature and classy aesthetic, look no further. This model boasts, not only 59 different modules to build your campaign, but subscribe to the author’s mailing list and receive an additional free template every month.

Fashion Ecommerce-reactive Email with Mailchimp Editor StampReady Builder
Fashion and e-commerce-Email reactive with Mailchimp Editor and StampReady Builder

Breathe provides companies with a minimal but modern email design that can work in a variety of traditional industries.

The modules have portfolio spaces to show your latest work, a “Skills” section to highlight service options and a client section with the offset background color to bring out your awesome credentials.

Breathe-Responsive Online Email Builder
Breathe-Email reactive + Builder Online

An elegant newsletter for agencies, Uxmill offers clean lines and a great default style, while offering many opportunities to modify and personalize the design. Compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, StampReady and with a simple HTML template included to boot, this model is ready to be used.

Uxmill-Reactive Email template
Uxmill. -Reactive Email Template

To finish, Anne is a little different; A strong aesthetic, with bold characters and impactful details. Keep in mind that some email clients may be unaware of the Google characters you use, but with sound failures that will not be a problem.

Anne Responsive Email StampReady Builder
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