As you have noticed in the preview image of this post, even a single article can really make a difference in your blog. In this case we talk about a blog that with only one article, after following our guides has managed to “break through” without doing anything (or even without advertising the article) finding in a natural way (from Google searches) Many people interested in the topic.

What do you do?

First you can start by following our guides on “Creating a successful blog”. You can also find them by selecting the “blog” tag below.

The topic “Earning with a blog” is always very complex and we have written really about cooked and raw, both indicating how many people can collect exorbitant figures and how most bloggers can not emerge.

But we go beyond the earnings, already treated and reprocessed.

Here we talk about visualizations, which is often much more important than “How much you earn with Adsense” because if you have a number of views you can not pretend anything and the chances of earning are endless. To name a few you could insert in the post of the articles for sale (of course in line with the article) or suggest affiliations or put banners for sale in your blog instead of Adsense or still ask companies if they are interested to see their Name in the article always in exchange for a monetary compensation.

How do you do it?

It’s not rocket science, but it means being intentional to plan your strategy. Before you write your post-and in fact, before you even define a specific topic-ask yourself this simple question:

“What is the unique angle of this post and how will it help my audience?”

The first element of this question is the piece “unique angle”: What can I write about other than what others say? What unique skills or experiences can I make by adding something new to the conversation? What unique opinion do I have that is different from that of anyone else?

Secondly, “How will it help my audience?” A blog post can be well written and provide a unique angle on a topic, but if it doesn’t meet the needs of its audience, it’s pretty much useless. The great bloggers understand that, in order for their writing to have as much impact as possible, they must talk about the interests, needs, preferences and weaknesses of the public.

In my opinion, these two elements-uniqueness and target audience-are what separates the posts of the blogs “good” from the fantastic ones.

In essence, even if you talk about the umpteenth topic that they treat everyone (eg: social, Instagram) is there a niche that people could search for need (maybe you yourself have experienced) and with an incisive title?

For example one of my most clicked article is “How to block someone who has already blocked me on Instagram”.

There are millions of articles on Instagram, but this had not yet been addressed, for example.

Often it is not so much the thing, but the how. You can write about any topic, but if you make a well structured article, with lots of text, many images and very explanatory as for example a tutorial.. You will have a good chance of success.

Questo è tutto! Cosa vuoi fare ora?
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