Introduction to how to merge two pages with the same name:

If you have two Facebook pages that represent the same object, you may be able to join them in the following cases:
  • You are an administrator of both pages.
  • Your pages have similar names and represent the same object.
  • Your pages have the same address if they have a physical location.
Before requesting the merging of pages, make sure that the current campaigns do not address the page that will be deleted.
To join your pages:
  1. Sign in to
  2. Select the two pages you want to merge and click Continue.
  3. Click on request Merge.
If you’re not able to merge pages, it means that you can’t do this for your pages. If you see the option to request the merging of the pages, we will review your request.
If the pages can be merged, the likes and page recordings will be merged, while the posts, photos, reviews, ratings and user name will be deleted from the page that you join. The page you want to keep remains the same, apart from adding likes and recordings that are imported from the other page. The page you don’t want to keep will be removed from Facebook and you won’t be able to undo the merge.

What happens when the two pages have different names

In this case Facebook would block the process of migrating pages.
How to do so?
You can try it this way:
Change the name of the second page and try to make it look more like the other. Try first by changing one word. Then the next day, change a second. Go on like this until the names are practically the same. There is a good chance of success!
If your name change is not accepted you will have to do “smaller steps” and do not immediately upset the whole name of the page.
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