In today’s world of messengers, emoticons, emotions, emoticons and now the stickers are all a great way to show your feelings when you use these messaging applications. And in the packets of stickers for telegrams are very popular for their wide range of stickers that express emotions. So here we will discuss how to remove or remove Icon pack in Telegram.
First we will see how to add any package of stickers to your collection. It’s quite simple and you just have to do the following to add a package of stickers in telegram. Then follow the steps below:

Steps to add stickers pack in telegram

If you have stickers packages in one of your chat rooms, groups or channels and want to add them to your current sticker package. To do this the process is quite similar in both Android and IOS devices. On your iPhone and IPad devices, press and hold with your finger on the sticker you want to add, then tap the “Add stickers” option in the Open menu, then you will see a preview of the stickers and you’ll confirm adding them to your packages. While on Android devices, you just have to touch the sticker you want to add.
Keep in mind that, you can also find the URL of any Sticker Pack and add it to the current package, by opening the URL in a browser on your phone or tablet, and then letting the browser open the link on your Telegram app (click the Add Stickers button When the page is loaded into the browser). The URL of the sticker package is like this:

Telegram. IO/addstickers/Sticker. Pack. Name

It was about how to add a package of stickers on your IOS or Android device. And now we discuss how to remove them.

How to remove the sticker pack in telegram

You have added a lot of sticky packages to your telegram account and want to manage, sort or delete them. To manage and remove the stickers packets in telegram, proceed as follows:
Step 1: Open the Telegram app on your Android or IOS devices.
Step 2: Go to the Settings tab on your IPhone/IPad (on Android devices, the settings are accessible from the left menu)

Step 3: On your iPhone/IPad devices, go to chat settings and under Other settings and tap the stickers (now go to step 4).
On Android devices, scroll almost to the message settings, then tap the stickers now displays all the sticker packages installed and added.
Step 4:-On Android devices, you can sort, hide, delete, and share your sticker packets (tap the 3-point button and all of these options will appear), but on IOS devices you can just delete or sort the sticker package as well How to hide/show the sticker card.

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