These 14 premier Pro Lumetri Awards are easy to use and can quickly add a blockbuster style to your video. Take a look at how simple they are to use. (with the free track "Thriller" by Reaktor Productions)

How to install and use the 14 free looks of Premiere Pro Lumetri

1. Click the Download button at the bottom of this post, unzip the Premium folder Hollywood Hollywood Lumetri

2. Go to the Premiere Pro folder

  • MAC: Open a new Finder window and go to applications, then open Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • PC: Navigate to the C:/folder, open programs, open Adobe, and then open Adobe Premiere Pro CC

3. Open the Contents folder, open the Lumetri folder (if you don't find it means you don't have Premiere CC ma CS6)

  • MAC: Hold down command and click Adobe Premiere CC, select Show Package Contents, open content, open Lumetri
  • PC: Open the Lumetri folder in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

4. Open the Looks folder, then open Cine looks

4.  Drag the free Lumetri. Look file from the PremiumBeat Hollywood Lumetri looks like folder in the folder Cine looks

5. Restart Premiere Pro

6. Open the project file, go to the Color tab

7. Select the clip you want color grade on the timeline, go to the Creative tab

8. Click the Look drop-down menu, select the Lumetri preset look you prefer.

The Mars Man

Bring your science fiction to the Red planet with this dusty Lumetri look that is a total lure to successful successes like The Martian.

Magnificent West

Inspired by the glorious westerns of the ' 60 and ' 70, this faded Lumetri Look reduces the saturation in favor of the arid and wonderful landscapes of films like the Magnificent Seven.

Saving Bryan

Get the almost obligatory appearance of the bleach bypass of the epics of war, reminiscent of the current newsreels of World War II that inspired the color of films as saved private Ryane performances as Band of Brothers.


11 other free looks of Lumetri

A collection of other popular Hollywood looks available in this free Premiere Pro package.


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