How to earn by advising a flight?

Here are a number of companies that allow you to earn by advising their services. In This case we talk about air flights and then you will receive a percentage of earnings or a commission for each flight that is bought by the people who click from your links. Find the links in the respective pages of the brands or you can copy and paste links in the link Builder to get an affiliate URL to go to enter where you prefer (email, blog, sites..)

How Viglink Works

One of the most famous affiliate programs as it allows you to get in touch with many business partners.

By identifying the commercial products mentioned in the content of a publisher, VigLink automatically monetizes those terms and transforms them into hyperlinks that generate revenue whose destinations are determined in real-time auctions. Our technology works on sites, apps and social networks to help you focus on your business, earn more money and avoid the hassle of managing countless affiliate programs.


Vueling is Southern Europe’s most dynamic, most innovative airline and has bases in Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands and flies to major cities in Spain, Europe and Northern Africa.

You will find the Affiliate program on Viglink and the commissions are almost $5 per reservation made.

Commission fees
  • $4.10 Fixed Sales
Countries accepted
  • Global

Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site that offers instant online comparisons for flights, car rentals and hotels. With our flight and car rental affiliation program, publishers receive a 50% share.

Publishers can also expect high conversions thanks to Skyscanner’s simple and easy to use search engine that has made it so popular with users and media: Skyscanner is consistently recommended by national press, online journalists and Broadcast.

Skyscanner is paid by partners (OTA and airlines) when users redirect to their website. If users are brought to us by an affiliate partner, we share 50% of the revenue generated.

Example: If we earned £100, we share £50 with the publisher.

Sign up for

You can subscribe to our affiliate programs below, depending on your location:

Commission Junction (United Kingdom, CA, AU, PL, BR, MX, United Arab Emirates, USA)

Tradedoubler (ES, DE, DK, FI, FR, IT, NL, CH, PL, SE, PT)

Doubletrade (RU)

Therefore it is possible to enroll in Italy with Tradedouble, quite similar to the Viglink portal mentioned above.

Volagratis is a leader in Europe for the search and purchase of flights and has an ambitious project: to become the European reference point for tourism and leisure, integrating the offer of flights, holiday packages, hotels.

The Volagratis program gives all affiliates the possibility to be remunerated on the following products: flights, hotel, flight + hotel, vacations. The tools are made to go from simple banners to API access for more complex integrations.

Introduction to the Program: Volagratis’s program Remunerates transactions (SALE) on the following products available on the Portal: flights, hotels, flight + hotels, vacations, car rental, cruises.

Commission of + €0.03 PPC.

Via: Tradedoubler, Awin

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