Promoting your website is as important as designing it.

After all your development efforts have been made, you have to attract an audience to your website and its services.

Branding through social media is considered the best way to redirect a relevant audience to a website.

Twitter in particular is an excellent means of advertising and promoting the brand. Tweeting is an amazing way to get in touch with your customers.

But here is the great challenge of marketing: Creativity

Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your websites through Twitter with these 7 creative ways!

7 ways tested to increase your success on Twitter:

1. Enter links in your Tweets  

Who says that social media marketing is not an effective strategy? On average, tweets with links generate about 86% more than re-tweet.  This is because link listings elevate the player’s interaction. When 36% of tweets are made with links, it’s worth considering it as a viable strategy.

In order to set up your business on a bullish trend, customers should know your product. Links increase your page’s involvement metrics and, in return, direct your customers to your product.

It is advisable to insert links in about 70-80% of your tweets.

In addition, the links provide users with the certainty and satisfaction that the brand and its products are known and unique and do not promise false promises.

2. Design short and provocative tweets

This is the big challenge!

The generation of captivating content with less than 140 characters is nothing more than a writing challenge.

The researchers say that tweets with less than 100 characters are more likely to be noticed by customers. The short tweets receive 21% more attention than the others.

This increase in the likelihood of interaction leaves us a greater responsibility as we can increase our reader base by keeping our tweets short.

Longer content often lacks user involvement because it takes time for people who make them less attractive.

The Twitter interface itself prevents long posts and supports the policy of keeping it short and elegant.

Also, when you write more, do not leave the client’s room to express their ideas. Keeping things short gives the user a reason for interaction.

3. Get traffic through visual appeal: add good images

Adding images to your post is a captivating and effective way to attract users ‘ attention.

The idea behind this is very simple; Intrigued your followers through the colorful images and make them so curious that they need to take a look at what else you have for them!

What you tweeted has the same importance, but the images are what attracts the eye of the person.

In addition, tweets with images are more likely to be re-tweeted since Twitter is a breakthrough in visual marketing. Supports and improves images by default.

However, several mistakes are made in visual marketing. You need to be careful when you choose and publish the images to make sure that they fit your content and your genre.

4. Participate in Twitter chats to mark your presence and increase your attention

Hosting and participating in Twitter chats requires a little effort, but it can be of great benefit.

It is a great way to remove the wall between the community and indulge in a number of meaningful conversations.

Note: Hashtags play a key role in Twitter chats.

Participating in Twitter chats and Twitter trends is extremely simple; All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag of the currently designated conversation.

5. Tweet during peak hours. and always answer.

Peak times often vary from person to person because of different habits and different time zones.

Experiment with which one now works best and plan your posts to get out at that time.

(For scheduling, you can use a tool as a Buffer.)

Many people suggest that the morning is the best time to tweet. But a good trader knows better to adapt to his audience. You need to experiment and understand yourself when it is the best time to tweet.

Likewise, being active on previous posts (i.e. responding) shows your interest in your audience and their responses.

 6. Broadcast your tweets to your Facebook wall

The essence of Facebook can not be overlooked, especially in terms of marketing.

Facebook has established itself as the most effective, communicative and interactive medium among all current popular social network sites.

Facebook stays on top when it comes to connecting people all over the world. With such a social power, linking your Twitter account with Facebook is a very smart thing to do.

The Twitter link with Facebook allows you to perform all tasks on your account in one step!

7. Live Twitter Life

Visual contexts have always shown themselves to be more stimulating than textual ones.

Having a Twitter wall displayed is much more exciting than the old and tedious theme. In addition, live Twitter events allow your followers to post messages and photos on your Twitter wall making it even more appealing.

This is excellent for connecting with the public on a real and personal level.

Live events shown on Twitter earn more privileges than regular tweets. Manage the events on the wall and interact with them creates a level of confidence for your brand. This creates a new level of comfort between you and your users.

The bottom line

Promotions and branding made through Twitter can get results Eccellentinell ‘ attracting busy traffic and in improving market values.

When you tweet and re-tweet about everything you have and intend to offer, you feel more vulnerable and build a loyal follower/customer base.

The above mentioned Twitter marketing methods work well to win the attention and heart of the crowd!

Find out which method on this list works best for you and experience the optimization of others. Very soon, you’ll have an active customer base and a loyal Twitter sequel.

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