Does your marketing project require you to visualize a concept, present numerical results, or graphically involve your audience? Want to tell a compelling story with your data? Make your information pop with clarity and impact? If so, then you need an infographic.

To create a captivating infographic, you have to open Illustrator or Photoshop and go to work. But wait, come back. It is not easy to design a visual narrative that your audience will understand intuitively. It takes a bit of graphics to combine complex data into a meaningful view.

You must first find a quality data source and then filter the information until they are focused and usable. Then choose the best structure of infographics, present your data clearly and do not confuse with too many icons or illustrations. Your meaning must sound true, tell a concise story and resonate. It’s not an easy task!

With a set of quality infographic models, you have a great starting point to create a captivating view. You can speed up your workflow to produce a professional infographic. You can get the necessary result at an affordable price, both for your small business marketing, and to help the customer present their data visually.

We have a number of models of popular infographic models featured here from GraphicRiver. These sets offer you many layout options and all the icons and visual resources you need to create a fresh and engaging infographic.

The best design of infographic models
The best design of models of infographics, available for sale and download on GraphicRiver.

Although they are feature-rich, these set of templates are easy to use. You can quickly customize each display of your pre-set data, adding your information to any of the hundreds of graphics, graphics, and ready-to-use infographic models. Here are some of the characteristics of the visual data that these models are loaded with:

  • Modern infographic layout
  • Data display Options
  • Process diagrams and Flowcharts
  • Elegant timelines and tables
  • Beautiful Circle Bar and graphics
  • Complex charts and maps
  • Vector Graphics and icons
  • Colored and flat illustrations

If you need to create an infographic for your next email campaign or design a view for your blog, add a process diagram to your website or create a chart for your presentation, we have coverage.

Get one of these set of models now. Choose the layout you need, add your data and quickly export a high quality infographic!

Here are 15 sets of infographic models that include assorted design styles and various visual features to choose from:

This is a huge set of data visualizations, which you can use to create your next infographic. This package is packed with beautiful graphics, elegant graphics and complex tables. Includes an assortment of vector elements, such as world maps, figures, a lot of icons and a versatile flat graphics. These infographic model files are organized for easy use and for quick customizations, so you can quickly quickie your data into a compelling visual story!

Infographic Template Design Elements V10

This great infographic package includes 17 ready-to-use templates. There are multiple files with lots of data graphics and drawings of display items. Includes bar charts, timelines, maps, area charts, and more. You’ll also have 49 icons, like arrows, circles, ribbons and vector components that will give you a lot of options to build your infographics. Everything is layered and designed with nuanced depth, so your graphics will appear!

Model Infographic 2016 Package

This set of infographic models contains over 1,300 items. It included 7 color themes, with themes of light and dark colors, plus tons of data display options, icons, and simple illustrations. This is a Photoshop PSD file made with vector elements. It is ready to customize according to your needs. Use this modern set of infographics to design your next infographic project.

Infographic Design Model

This is a great package of cool infographics, with many options to help you create your own. Includes five sets with various styles of charts, pie charts, timelines and more creative options. You can use these items Infografici for magazines, your website, marketing content, advertisements, e-mails, or in flyers or brochures for your business.

All these elements are vector to 100%, so they can be scaled, colors modified and completely customized without loss of graphic quality. Accelerate the workflow of the infographic design by starting with a professional set of templates. Visualize your data in a distinctive style!

Model of infographics modern elements

If you’re designing an infographic, this set of flat items is a great place to start. Includes basic graphics for people and an assortment of shapes of colorful patterns. It is rich in data display options, such as bar charts, line charts, and more, in a variety of styles. It also includes simple vector illustrations and icons. There are AI and EPS compatible files, fully laminated, ready to work and easy to export at high resolution.

Design elements Flat infographic model

It is a popular set of infographics, which has sold several times on GraphicRiver with high ratings and noteworthy comments of the customer as “well done! So minutely executed. “This vector model kit has a set of infographics configured and ready for use. Simply enter the data, customize the callouts and you are ready to export a simple and well-designed infographic. The files are configured in a professional and easy to work way. Take this popular model and put it to the opera to design your infographic.

Infographic Simple Template Design Kit

With this mega set of infographics, you are armed to create a convincing infographic. Whether you need to create an infographic for your corporate blog or add an infographic to another project, this set includes a huge number of options to work with. The carriers are set up correctly to add and export your data quickly.

There are some fantastic illustrations that work with displaying the data in this set, which add an instant visual understanding to your audience. If you have a compelling story to tell with your data, take this model of infographics. There are some complex information projects here presented in a clean way.

MegaPack infographic Model

This famous infographic model file has a modern and clean design with numerous data display options. If you need to create a visual history and a fast graphical solution, then this file has a series of strong designs.

You can illustrate an infographic based on people’s icons, application data, timelines, org charts, and more. The set comes with PSD and vector files, so you can work with it in the most convenient design software.

Infographic model Elements

Here’s a simple set of modern pie diagrams in different styles to choose from. It also includes 30 minimum icons. The files are in vector format and in style with gradient depth. There are 14 pages ready for use in a brochure or other media. Just enter the data, the logo and customize with your information, and you’re ready to export and put it in use!

Infographic Pattern of Circle Pie

This package contains many convincing infografici elements. You can use them to design your own infographic for your content marketing, landing page or process view.

The center of infographics around colorful vector shapes of 25 linear icons. This includes ten models that illustrate concepts such as cloud, Arrow, loop, gear, Maze, and more. If you need a simple infographic centered on a visual concept, then this model is a great choice.

Infographic Model Wetsuit

These designs and infographic elements are vector and can be combined and matched. The real power of this set is that there are 19 unique pages of infographics configured and ready for use. They are all beautifully illustrated with a flat vector illustration, icons and graphics, and eye-catching and colorful graphics. If you are looking for a set of infographics that is great in visualizing concepts and highly illustrative, then take this set!

SEO Template Design Infographic

This model of infographic is a professional solution, whether you need to promote the sale of your new product or visualize a concept for your audience. This set is designed in an attractive flat style. The download includes 5 color schemes. There are interesting options within this PSD set, which mix bold icons with numerous flowcharts, bar charts, charts, Sitemaps, modern infographics and more.

Set of models of infographics Megapack

This is a set of elements of vector infographics in a flat style. They are modern and clean projects that can give life to presentation or content marketing visualizations. Includes multiple infographics, icons, and simple illustrations. All ready to mix and match to meet the needs of your project. It tells a visual story that will attract the attention of your audience. And quickly put this vector kit together!

Flat Vector infographic Design model

This is an elegant infographic model kit that you can use to create your retro-influenced infographic. Combines vintage illustrations with modern display elements and retro typography.

It’s full of bar charts, circle charts, timelines, pie charts, doughnut charts, radar charts, area charts, arrow charts, line charts, timelines, funnel charts, world maps, and much more. There are some great options in this model to create a distinctive infographic.

Model of infographics Vintage style

This set of infographics is full of well-designed views and elements. It included various pie charts, line charts, area charts, bar charts, scatter charts. It also uses vector icons, simple illustrations and colourful drawings.

If you have an infographic project you have to design quickly, so don’t look any further. These files are easy to personalize with your data and information. Just add it, then export and publish!

Design model of infographic elements

An infographic should be visually engaging and take the gist of your research and make it appealing to your audience, so you can direct traffic to your website or reach another goal.

A well-designed infographic makes it easy to understand a complicated topic. Transforms a dense topic into an interesting interaction.

Learn how to design an infographic. Discover the process, from research, to the choice of visual resources, to its disposition in Illustrator or Photoshop with style and clarity. Here are five quick tips for designing a great infographic.

The collection and sorting of data is the point at which the infographic starts. The data is rough and messy to begin with. You may need to work with Excel spreadsheets, customer survey results, or statistical data collected from a credible source.

Now you have to read it all, so you understand the data fully before you start to pull out compelling facts. Find the line that connects the dots, so you see the big picture, then locate those stats that will highlight your message.

Remember: The facts must support the story you intend to tell.

The data becomes exciting when you start to see a compelling story you can tell. It is important to define your goal with this infographic. Is it to explain a complex process, highlight an emerging trend or support an initiative? A great story can be found if you spend time with your data in search of what elettrizzerà your audience.

It’s hard to find a narrative that reaches your unique intent and is a great story that will involve your audience. Solving that challenge, that’s where fantastic infographics come from. Ask yourself if your data supports your story? Is it interesting? Achieve your goals? Is it a story that needs to be told?

If nod with enthusiasm yes, then let’s move on.

Once you’ve selected the data you want to highlight, it’s time to take into account the format you’ll use to view them. There are many choices on how to present your data, from bar charts to process diagrams.

Look through the models we have above or switch to GraphicRiver to explore the hundreds of models of infographic models that we have available. Look through the options and select the one that fits your data and the story you want to tell better. Also, consider the support resources, as illustrations and icons can help you create a more engaging infographic.

There are a couple of fields regarding the design of infographics. It is believed in displaying the data cleanly, with a minimal focus on typography, white space and focus. The other field of Design infographic believes in the combination of your data with illustrations. Both approaches can work. Just plan to have the resources to get the look and the results to which you aim.

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