From a few days applications like follower Assistant do no longer do their job.

Follower Assistant is an application that allows you to search for followers who have stopped following you or to find the people you have started to follow and who have not reciprocated.

A tool also used by those people who both hate the influencers who use bots, but stiam talking about a bot in all respects.

Premise aside, for some time the app has stopped working.

How to stop following those who do not follow me on Instagram?

Not everything is lost because, while waiting for the bug to be resolved, the app still has an ace in its sleeve.

This consists in going to do all the process of "loading followers" and go to the screen "who does not follow me".

At this point, instead of clicking "unfollow en masse" We go to the individual followers button and click the Blue "unfollow" button.

An error message will come out.

We do not care about it and we continue to stop following up to 100-200 people. I know, the work is longer and immediate than before but in this way you can stop following people in a click instead of doing it from Instagram that would require two clicks. Also in this way you can eliminate only people who do not follow you and keep those who follow you because obviously going to eliminate even those who follow will eliminate you in turn.

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