If you have two Facebook pages with similar names (not to say equal otherwise Facebook will not accept the union) you can join the two pages to add I like the old page in disuse in the new one.

Having more than one Fan Page on Facebook for your company creates confusion for your online audience. In This blog post we will retrace the steps to run before, during and after merging two pages of Facebook.

Things to do before joining two pages of Facebook

Preparation is the most important thing here, since the blending process itself is quite explanatory, but it can get stuck by several problems that you can solve easily before the merger process. I recommend starting this process for about a week! 

1. Find out if and how many pages of "places" have been (inadvertently) created for your business. Do it by doing a search on Facebook. (Hint: Sometimes the search in the mobile app for Facebook will reveal a page that is not visible on the desktop. I suggest you do the research twice. )

2. Write down how many check-in and I like for each page. Claim all pages ' places ', one by one.

3. If you find several pages ' place ', start to merge them. Most of these pages have little or no content besides check in and are a hassle. Joining those on a page will be useful later in the merger process and you don't have to worry about losing content if there are none in the pages. Once all of these pages have been merged into one, move to the next steps.

4. Let the audience on both pages know that you're about to merge the pages! This can be done by creating an image and posting it. Pin the one on top of both pages so that all current fans have a chance to see it. If you have a large audience on both pages, consider posting a Facebook ad or sponsored story. Don't forget to inform your mailing list and other follower groups online

5. Change the name of one of the pages with the same name as the other if possible! In order for the Union to be approved by Facebook, the names must be as similar as possible

6. Update the "about" information on each page to reflect the same information about your business. Make sure that the same website, the same phone number and/or address and the same description are listed.

7. The smallest page (the one with the fewest I like) is usually the one you want to join. Note: You will lose all content from that page once you join! If you have photos or information you want to keep, it's time to go and download that content. The page you're keeping (usually the one with the likes) will keep all its content. "Likes" and "check-in" will be combined. Keep in mind that numbers don't always add up to double, because people may have "appreciated" both pages, which is no longer "extra" like that person.

Once the two pages are similar, they have a similar name and you have administrator rights on both, you can start the actual merge!

Things happen when you merge two pages of Facebook

The page you select will present I like and the recordings of the two pages for which you require the merge. The other contents of the page that will be removed are lost and will be permanently deleted.

This means that no matter what page you chose at the beginning, you are now asked which page will be deleted.

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