Upload multiple images to Pinterest simultaneously

I'd like to share a fantastic app I created that allows you to upload more images on your Pinterest board/s, all at once!

It's called Bulk Pinner (https://bulkpinner.github.io/site). It is open source (Https://github.com/bulkpinner/bulkpinner), hosted on GitHub pages, and is very fast!

The nice thing about my app is that you don't have to create an account in order to use it, you just need to connect your Pinterest account, grant the required permission (so the app can read the cards you have and create pins for you), and you can then start selecting your Images and upload! It's really very simple.

To get started, you need to access the app, linked here again for convenience, Https://bulkpinner.github.io/site


Once there, you will see the following screen:

Application authorization

Just click the Authorize button and select your Pinterest account that you want to use. The two permissions I requested are simply the Read_public and Write_public permissions, which basically allow me to get a list of your Pinterest boards (which you will choose to add pin a) and to save the pins in those tabs.

Once your app is authorized, you'll be able to start selecting your own images

Authorized Application

Clicking the Choose Pictures button displays a file dialog box, which allows you to select multiple images from your hard disk. After selecting the images you want, the bottom section of the app will expand and display previews for the selected images. This is where you can enter information about your pins

Previews of the images to be fixed

As you can see in the above image, I entered a note for each of the pins, you need. I also chose to send these images to my "Geek" tab. I'll give more than an interruption of the interface below.

For now, that's all! I can click the Pin button in the upper right corner of the page and these images will be sent to Pinterest! The app will show a load graph on each image as it loads and display a clear confirmation icon for each image that has been successfully locked.

These completed images can then be deleted and new pins can be created with new images!

Detailed breakdown of the interface

Let's take another look at that interface with the PIN previews

  1. Refresh boards will send a request to Pinterest to upload a list of your listings. This is necessary because the application will cache the list of tabs the first time it is automatically read, to save the API requests and make the app faster.
  2. Clear completed will remove all images from the preview area that have already been created as pins in this current session.
    NB The app doesn't keep track of the images you've already pinned, so if you update the page and add an image that you've already blocked, the application won't stop you from sending it back to Pinterest.
  3. Delete all removes all thumbnails of images, blocked or not
  4. Send all images to the tab allows you to select a card to which you want to send all current previews. In the sample image shown here, instead of selecting the Geek tab on each of the 4-pin previews, I could just select the Geek tab from the "Send all images to the tab" selector and select menus on each of the thumbnails you Aggiornerebbero automatically
  5. In case you forgot to select an image/s
  6. The Pin button. This will start requests to send each image in the preview section to the corresponding tabs on Pinterest
  7. Preview the image that will be locked
  8. The Pinterest selector for the current preview only
  9. field of note. This is required.
  10. Connection range This is optional
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