A tutorial guided to one of the most used apps for Instagram.

We are talking about follower Assistant, application for Android devices.

The application allows by scanning to identify which profiles have not reciprocated our follow and monitor who stops to follow us. For each profile you can express a preference of white list, or put a starlet to those profiles that we like so much and that, even if they do not reciprocate our follow, we do not want to stop following.

Register by entering your profile credentials that you are going to connect. You can then connect other accounts by going to click Sopa to your name (and then access the screen to change the profile)

Once you have connected your profile go to the scan of your followers by clicking on Check List.

Once completed, do scroll to the right to go to the next screen.


In This screen you can click on the button "Unfollow" and select the number of people to go to follow or stop following. The maximum allowed by Instagram is about 200 per hour but for newborn profiles the limit could be much more reduced. If you come temporarily blocked by Instagram for these practices no fear; Wait a few hours or at most a few days (about 2) and then go to repeat the operations (this time maybe limit in the operations of follow and Unfollow)

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