To sign up for Instazood, no credit cards are required; you can safely use your paypal account . If you are not aware of it yet, Instazood is a bot or a robot that allows automatically to comment, follow and put people like.

Step1: Add an Instagram account

After signing up, you can add your Instagram account. before adding your Instagram account, please note:

  1. Make sure you have verified your email on Instagram or remember that the email has been used in your Instagram account.
  2. Make sure the email you use to register on Instagram to be real and access that.
  3. Upload your profile picture and post six photos via your smartphone.
  4. your account should not be private
  5. You should not have posts against Instagram terms (sexual and violent) on your page because Instagram blocks your account.
  6. easily add your Instagram account

To add your Instagram to the bot, first enter your Instagram username and password, then click the “Add account” button. After this you need to log in to your Instagram account via your smartphone. Instagram will ask you to “Are you?” And you have to click on “It was me”.

This is the standard procedure if you have a relatively new instagram account. If you have an account already started, you should not encounter any problems.

Possible problems with registration:

The page asks you to repeat the code entry procedure on the site several times in case you do not connect the first time. Try up to 3-4 times.

Step2: Adding the goal to get followers

After adding your Instagram account, you need to add the destination in the “Get Followers” section.

The Instagram bot works on specific goals and you get real followers for you. you can get related followers interested in your business.

Click the “Add Target” button to add new goals.

Note: If you do not add any targets, Instazood will not run any auto follow, auto like or auto comment.

instazood tutorials

The button to select is ” add target ” (the one in blue), while the one in green is used to buy likes (not recommended)

If for some reason you already used Instazood it is likely that after adding the account you can not use the add targhet. This is because you forgot to top up your account by clicking on “paid days”.

At this point it is time to click on SETTINGS (next to add targhet but on the right) to set the objectives.

There are 5 screens to be set.

  1. Actions
  2. filters
  3. Unfollow
  4. comment
  5. Limits

Let’s see the first, Actions.

Each entry will help you set your goals better. Activity / Speed ​​denotes the speed at which your account can go. If your account is more than 60 days you can easily set Fast. If you will be suspended for a few hours, it will be appropriate to set it to slow?

Follow + like: allows you to leave both likes and follow the accounts you like

Viewing stories + likes: If you have enabled the “look at the stories” option, not only will this be accomplished but also likes will be left to these profiles.

Max / Min Likes: set the minimum and maximum number of likes you want to leave to the profiles when you visit them. The number will then be chosen randomly.

Night Pause: tow the night service.


Filters allow you to set the type of user you want to attract.

Gender: if selected you can set whether male or female

Media age: set the average age

Skip used accounts: If selected once the action is performed on an account (eg: like) the profile will no longer be submitted to the bots.

Max followers: the maximum number of followers that the “prey” account will have to be palatable to the bot

Min post: the minimum number of photos in that account.

Skip 10% accounts: 10% of posts will be skipped random to simulate human behavior (ex: in case you set a hashtag you will not find yourself commenting on all #)


In this screen you have to set the maximum number of people you want to follow. (following threshold) in this case you will not have to go beyond 4500 to be on the safe side. At the side you can set the number of Unfollow to run before resuming to follow.

By checking the Keep personal following box, all the accounts you have followed so far will not be touched.

You can white list the accounts that you do not want to miss (in case you have not checked Keep personal following)


In the Comment section you can set the comments to be made randomly. We recommend using phrases that are valid for any type of photo. Some may even publish sad images of two that you have left and it would be bad to receive a comment as “really beautiful landscape”. So try to stay on the vague. Otherwise, take your tactics; if you have set to follow the profiles that have like # beauty then it makes sense to put as a comment “great product” or if you have set “#mare” is fine “I love the sea”.

This screen is to be left as is. You can decrease the number of shares if yours is a new account and therefore subject to control by Instagram.


The cost of the service starts at $ 9 a month. Subscribe to Instazood

How to take advantage of Instazood at its best

  • The targets that you must go to insert must be at least 3 so that the bot can work at its best.
  • Use the  recommended settings for new users  as a new Instazood user, as well as whenever you add a new Instagram account to your Dashboard;
  • Slowly increase your Likes, Comments, Segments and / or Unfollowed for the day and / or hour in progress for a couple of weeks;
  • Delete targets with a conversion of less than 15% (success rate) after two days of adding the goal.
  • Use account (username) rather than hashtag as a target.

Try different targeting strategies

Optimize your Instazood activity by testing different strategies to see which ones offer the best results for you. Using Instazood is very similar to using advertising platforms. You should optimize your campaigns by continuously testing different settings.

Try different sets of tags

First of all, you can test the tags . You would like to look for travel related tags, travel to France and specific hashtags for Italy. Instead of running all these tags at once, why not break them down into categories and test them individually? So you can see which tags produce the best results for your campaigns.

Try different sets of positions

Secondly, it is possible to test positions . Italy is a big country, so it makes sense to test the locations by city to see which works best.

Try different sets of usernames

Finally, you can target User Names. Adding popular travel accounts to Instagram on Instagram is a great way to interact with Instagram users who are already interested in traveling to France.


Warning : some people have told about being blocked for about two days because the bot perhaps interacted too often with contacts, going too fast. The bot is calibrated not to be “caught” by Instagram but I do not exclude that you may also find this problem. If it happens, do not be alarmed; you can return to using your profile in 1-2 days.

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