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Select Settings-People and other pages

This way you can see, search and block all the fans of your Facebook page


Within each member's personal profile, there are several key network components. The most popular is without a doubt the wall, which is essentially a virtual bulletin board. Messages left on a member's wall can be text, videos, or photos. Another popular component is the virtual photo album. Photos can be uploaded from the desktop or directly from a camera on your smartphone. There is no limit to the amount, but the Facebook staff will remove inappropriate or copyrighted images. An interactive album feature allows the member's contacts (generically called "friends") to comment on the photos of others and identify (tag) the people in the photos. Another popular profile component is state updates, a microblogging feature that allows members to broadcast short Twitter-like ads to their friends. All the interactions are published in a news feed, which is distributed in real time to the friends of the member.

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