Do you want to create fake status updates, comments and profile images? Would you like to change the history of your friends, a page, a list of friends or edit a message and then share a screenshot of the edited page and make everyone believe it's real? We know it doesn't seem possible but we'll see in a minute how to do it ?

After all, Facebook is nothing more than a website. Is nothing more than a fully encoded fill page. Like other websites, it must respond to the rules of browsers, devices and programs.

And for these reasons, editing pages on Facebook (frontend or edits only visible to you) is not a puzzle. Anyone can do it in a few clicks. The only thing you need is a Web browser that supports JavaScript, we use Chrome or Firefox on PC, for example.

With this trick you will change the Facebook pages directly from the browser. On the web there are services that allow you to create fake profiles and status updates, such as Thewallmachine, is a very entertaining site that allows you to create fake status updates and comments with names and images of the custom profile in a few minutes . In any case, we are really interested in creating a fake state directly from the web, so let's do it.


Edit a Web page

For Chrome or Firefox follow these instructions.

1. Open Facebook (only one page, one profile, the splash screen, etc.).

2. Drag this code to the bookmarks bar on your browser. It's a code that will make all the page elements completely editable.

javascript: Document. body. contentEditable = ' true '; Document. DesignMode = ' on '; Vacuum 0

3. Click on the favorite you just created and move the cursor to the text you want to edit. You can actually select any text and write a new one. You can also change any Web page, another example with the logon screen.

How to save your changes

After you complete the changes, you must save everything in an image. To do this, just print the screen by pressing the "Print" button on the keyboard, or ALT + print/stamp (or Stam R coord) to capture the screen of the active window.

The image will now be saved to the Clipboard, so you can use any image editor (such as "Paint" on Windows) and paste the image you just captured from the screen.

Edit and crop the image to make it look like a real Facebook Web page, save the image and share it with whoever you want! ? we are in judgment you will love it!

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