When you create an account on Facebook you will definitely need to add friends, we know that this is the main feature of every social network. When you add them (by sending them a friend request) they always have three options: they can accept the request and confirm the virtual friendship, they can also ignore the request and leave it unresolved (see laws like all requests sent by the mode); Or can refuse the request, as well.

If they reject the request, they can also report on Facebook whether or not they know the person who sent the request. If you do not know the person that Facebook reports a yellow card to users, more yellow cards can lead to a block of requests for friendship. What does this mean? Facebook has a complex anti-spam system and to avoid friendship requests from fake accounts prevents the possibility of sending new requests usually for 30 days.

Can you get around this block and go back to adding friends? Yes, with this incredible trick!

How to send friend requests even if you have been blocked 

In order to send friend requests even if you have been blocked use the tool to add contacts from Facebook. This feature is accessible from this page and allows you to add friends by importing them from a list of contacts in your email account or from sections of software such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger or other services such as ICloud.

All you need is the email address of the person you want to add, you can put that address in the phonebook of one of these services and then use the Import contacts to add friendship automatically. That's all.

A small little trick but very useful to those who are stuck and not able to add new people just because they were blocked unfairly.

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