The more interactions your post has, the quicker it will be and the more it will be visible (that’s why you sometimes see posts from complete strangers in the Search or Explore section of Instagram).

The Instagram Pods are also known as comment pod and engagement pod and, as we said before referring to the dolphins, they are real groups of people who help each other when some of these publish a post.

But how do you access the Instagram Pod groups?

There are several ways, the list below:

  1. You make a group promoter and invite your colleagues to join
  2. You join a group on Facebook
  3. You join a group on Telegram
  4. You join a group via messages on Instagram (but be careful, you can reach a maximum of 15)
  5. Search for influencers in your industry and get in conversation with them

So we are talking about real groups that live for the little heart of Instagram and must be very fast both to get it and to give it, because that’s what the algorithm lives on.

This is the link to join a travel pod on Telegram:

Share link:

Once entered, what rules are there?

  • On the top of the group there are a post fixed with the rules
  • You have to follow the admins of the group on Instagram
  • Comment on the previous 5 post over you
  • Avoid comments that are too short or just made of emoji
  • Show that you are really impressed by the photo you are commenting on

Does the Instagram Pod help you or does it harm you?

  • Not the greatest authenticity
    As I said, it happens to be in the exploration feed perfect strangers with miles of likes and followers. The first question you ask is: who am I? The second is: do they deserve to stay there? 
    Success must be built with a precise reason and a goal that leads to something.
  • There is a lot of time to dedicate to him.
    Obviously, participating in a pod does not just mean receiving. You must also give and much if you want to be reciprocated. Think about the need to give immediate feedback to 14 or more accounts that post every day. If you live on Instagram then you can do it?
  • Do not think it’s the panacea of ​​all ills.
    Always take care of your contents, think first of the natural engagement, due to the quality and then to that coming from the pods.
  • If it does not work dedicated to your target and join as many pods as you can (but always on topic)

Is there a risk of being banned if you participate in too many Instagram Pods?

Shadowban is always around the corner, especially if you use third-party automation and receive interactions from the same accounts. In addition, participating in a group of messages where we talk a bit ‘too much, especially by constantly linking their status, could turn into a boomerang. Then use other methods to share your creations to Pod members (ie go to other platforms). The keyword remains natural. 

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